Corporate Sustainability Roundtable

Uniting leadership in sustainable workplace practices




The Corporate Sustainability Roundtable - led by Urban Green Lab in partnership with Nissan North America, Piedmont Natural Gas, and the Country Music Hall of Fame - is designed to educate Nashville businesses how to lead waste-free workplaces.  Through bi-monthly meetings with diverse member companies, interaction with resident sustainability experts, one-on-one educational consulting, small group discussions, and collective challenges, the Roundtable unites corporate "green teams" to learn, network, foster new strategies and skills, and exchange best practices for making sustainable workplace behaviors a priority. 

exchanging best practices

The Roundtable is a space to share and grow.  Designed for corporate green teams, the Roundtable meets every two months, with newsletters, collaborative experiences, tailored green team consulting, and special events in between.  Each meeting is hosted by a rotating member company and focuses on a systemic area of corporate waste -- energy waste, water waste, food waste, etc. -- along with techniques for how to measurably tackle them.  Meetings include networking, presentations by resident experts and vendors, sharing of challenges and solutions, tours of host facilities, happy hour, and collaboration on an annual Sustainable Workplaces Report.  

Specific objectives:

  1. Foster and grow corporate green teams of dedicated staff who educate their fellow colleagues
  2. Network and explore systemic approaches to sustainable workplace behaviors and company policies 
  3. Implement simple curricula around recycling and other sustainable workplace behavior literacy
  4. Align data and measures around emissions, waste streams, and diverted landfill tonnage
  5. Encourage employees to share what they learn at work with their own households 

eligibility & recognition

Membership is free and open to all companies, large and small.  Whether you're new to Nashville, have a well-established sustainability plan and want to share your progress, or are just beginning to go green, this is the place to start.  Member companies are evaluated on the growth of their teams over time, and after one year, teams are certified through a special recognition program by Roundtable founders.  Urban Green Lab also works with the press to highlight great examples of sustainable workplaces among its most active members.   

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