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The goal of the Corporate Sustainability Roundtable is to make sustainable workplace behavior a priority.  Facilitated by Urban Green Lab, the Roundtable brings together representatives of corporate "green teams" -- teams of passionate staff who educate fellow colleagues about best practices in sustainability.  With more businesses moving to cities every day and so little known about their collective footprint, there's never been a more important time to unite as an industry and protect our natural resources for generations to come.


exchanging best practices

The Roundtable is a space to share and grow.  With just six meetings per year (and an optional monthly working group), members have an opportunity to network and talk, exchange best practices, solicit feedback on challenges, interact with vendors and consultants who can be retained for more in-depth one-on-one guidance, observe member operations through field trips, and collaborate on a data-driven Annual Sustainable Workplaces Report for the corporate sector, to be shared with state and Metro agencies.  Specific objectives include:

1.     Foster and grow corporate green teams of dedicated staff who educate their fellow colleagues

2.     Network and explore systemic approaches to sustainable workplace behaviors and policy 

3.     Develop simple curricula around recycling and other sustainable workplace behavior literacy

4.     Align data and measures around emissions, waste streams, and diverted landfill tonnage

5.     Produce an annual report for key stakeholders on the state of corporate sustainability


RECOGNITIOn & eligibility

All corporations are eligible to be part of the Roundtable.  After one year, members are certified through a special recognition program and eligible for the Sustainable Workplace Awards in the areas of policy development and educational innovation.  Even if you're a small business, new to town, or don't already have a company green team, this is the place to start.  The Roundtable can help you create and strengthen a team, and connect you with likeminded companies.  Members remain in good-standing assuming they have the following:

1.     A published statement or mission on environmental sustainability

2.     At least one (1) designated sustainability leader within the administration

3.     An active green team that conducts regular employee educational activities

4.     Any available measures or data that can be shared to support the annual report

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