Corporate Sustainability Roundtable




The Corporate Sustainability Roundtable brings together Nashville companies and their green teams committed to environmental sustainability, with a focus on improving sustainable workplace behaviors through education.  With more corporations moving to Nashville every day and so little known about their collective environmental footprint, there’s never been a more important time to unite as an industry and protect our natural resources for generations to come.


The ultimate goal of the Corporate Sustainability Roundtable is to make corporate sustainability, especially education around sustainable workplace behaviors, a priority.  Facilitated by Urban Green Lab – a nonprofit teaching communities how to live sustainable, healthy lives – and in collaboration with like-minded corporate and business partners large and small, the Roundtable brings together representatives of corporate "green teams" -- teams of passionate staff measuring their company's waste and educating fellow colleagues -- which meets 12 times in person each year to accomplish the following objectives:

1.     Network and exchange best practices around sustainable workplace behaviors and policy

2.     Align data and measures around emissions, waste streams, and diverted landfill tonnage

3.     Foster and grow corporate green teams of dedicated staff who educate their fellow colleagues

4.     Develop simple curricula around recycling and other sustainable workplace behavior literacy

5.     Produce an annual report for State/Metro on the status of corporate sustainability in Nashville

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings include time to network and talk, a 20min presentation by a different member corporate green team each month soliciting feedback on best practices, guest sustainability consultants who can be retained for more in-depth one-on-one guidance, and collaboration on the annual report, which is shared with the Solid Waste Regional Board and Task Force, and other stakeholders. 


All corporations are eligible to be a part of the Corporate Sustainability Roundtable (and remain in good-standing), assuming they maintain the following essential criteria below shared by all its members.  Companies receive an official plaque demonstrating their membership and seal for their building.

1.     The company has a published statement or mission on environmental sustainability

2.     At least one designated sustainability leader with the company’s administration is identified

3.     An active green team led by staff at the company conducts regular staff educational activities

4.     The member company allows one sustainability audit per year in line with Metro efforts


Interested in getting involved?  Contact Todd Lawrence, Executive Director for Urban Green Lab, at