The student response to livable nashville


Of all the stakeholders engaged in the Livable Nashville plan, youth may be one of the most important to its own sustainability.  Decades from now, today’s students will represent Nashville’s future residents, parents, leaders, even mayors.  And as the ultimate inheritors and beneficiaries of the plan, they are critical to its process and need to be involved from the very beginning.  

Livable Schools – a companion program of Livable Nashville – is designed to ensure youth are part of the process, and empower both middle and high school students to help disseminate and bring the plan to life.  Livable Schools will establish student-led “Livable School Councils” (LSCs) in Metro Nashville Public Schools and private institutions citywide.  LSCs will work hand-in-hand with the Mayor to educate school communities about the plan, push schools to adopt sustainability policies of their own, hold the Livable Nashville Committee accountable to its targets, and secure a youth voice in future plan iterations.    

Guided by Urban Green Lab, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching sustainable living in Nashville, Livable Schools will be spearheaded by a groundbreaking LSC at Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School, plus a steering committee of chairs from each school council whose purpose is to mobilize LSCs and evaluate their impact relative to Livable Nashville’s measures.  Together, the Mayor and youth represent a one-of-a-kind partnership, contributing students’ unique perspective, energy, creativity, and reach toward the vision of a more sustainable Nashville.