Each workshop is a one-hour long hands-on educational activity that gives students a deeper understanding of some of the most important topics surrounding environmental sustainability. You can choose one workshop that ties in best with your current science lesson, or add a workshop on to your classroom's Mobile Lab visit.

Check out the descriptions for each workshop below!


The water workshop highlights the importance of conserving and protecting water.  After a demonstration on the relative scarcity of fresh water on our planet, students will learn different ways they can conserve water at home and through their food choices.  This workshop explores sources of water pollution and how land use affects water quality.


When we throw something away, it doesn’t actually go “away”, instead it ends up in landfills or in our oceans and rivers. Students will play a game in which they learn how they can keep waste out of landfills through reuse, recycling, and composting followed by a craft using up-cycled materials.

Climate and energy

This workshop explores different types of fuels and the impact of each of these fuels on our environment. We conduct an experiment to demonstrate the greenhouse effect and challenge campers to think of ways they can reduce their carbon footprint.

This workshop focuses on the natural resources that go into feeding our population. Students will learn how to conserve resources through their food choices and participate in a team-building activity in which they make choices about sustainable agricultural practices on their own farm.  


Sustainable agriculture

Please contact Rachael at rachael@urbangreenlab.org for questions and scheduling